Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Freebie for Ya

I'm on a roll now. At least for a little while. I made this alpha to go with spring and Easter. If I can keep the ball rolling, I will post papers and elements to go along with the alpha this week.

I made the alpha pretty big so you may want to reduce them in some cases.

Here are the previews:

And of course the download link:

Back to work.
Grandma Pat

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way and a Little Freebie

Sometimes between children (even though all four are technically adults) and work really leave no time for yourself. For the last weeks, or has it been months, I have fought one fire after another. All of the fires seemed to have left any creative flow I had in the dust.

This morning I got up EARLY (on a Saturday even) and decided I needed some me time. I wanted a chance to get back into digi scrapping and see if I could get my creative juices flowing again. Looking through pictures of my grandson Jordan really helped.

This is what I came up with and I wanted to share it. Below is the QP I came up with, the layout of Jordan using it AND the download link. Thanks for looking! I hope some of you can find a use for it.

This is what the QP looks like

Here is my LO of Jordan

AND (of course) her is the download link

Later you all. Hopefully I'm on a roll and it won't be sooooooooooo long next time.

Grandma Pat